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Older Adult Centers

Dyckman Older Adult Center
Located at 10th Avenue and 201st Street, the Dyckman Older Adult Center bustles with activity. Serving a multi-ethnic population, the Center is a place where older adults meet friends, enjoy a meal and join in recreational activities. Membership has grown to well over 1,500 members.

LaGuardia Good Health and Happiness Older Adult Center
Even the name – Good Health and Happiness – is enough to make older adults smile, feel happy and upbeat. Located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Center’s activities reflect the mix of east and west cultures that meet here daily. Some come to meet their friends and participate in social activities. They can also enjoy nutritionally balanced breakfasts and lunches. Older adults come from all five boroughs. There are no membership fees – only proof of age is required.

There are so many things to do at the Center that it’s impossible to get bored. Older adults can start off the day with “Lok Tung Kuen” exercises in the morning, followed by arts & crafts, music, bingo and mahjong and health promotion. Each year, the Center celebrates Chinese New Year with a gala event. Since NYFSC assumed sponsorship of the Center in 1992, membership has grown from 250 older adults to well over 7,100, a sure sign that the Center’s recipe for ‘health and happiness’ is working!

Mott Street Older Adult Center
The Mott Street Older Adult Center combines lovely décor, fun-filled activities, celebratory events and trips outside of the City to its growing membership. In the heart of Little Italy, bordering on Chinatown, Mott Street Older Adult Center’s members enjoy an easy camaraderie built on exercise, playing bingo and mahjong, dancing, painting, ceramics, sculpting, sewing, knitting, and crocheting, among other activities. Each day, members can enjoy delicious, nutritionally balanced breakfasts and lunches. Since NYFSC assumed sponsorship of the Center in September 2000, membership has grown from 400 older adults to over 5,400.

“New York Foundation for Senior Citizens makes our lives healthier and happier,” says older adult center member, Joy.

Funding for the Dyckman, LaGuardia Good Health and Happiness, and Mott Street Older Adult Centers is provided by the New York City Department for the Aging.