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Enriched Housing Programs

Enriched Housing ProgramNYFSC’s Enriched Housing Programs currently are located in seven buildings – and continue to grow. Each community-oriented program has been thoughtfully designed to provide a pleasant living environment and appropriate social services, through carefully managed budgets. The program’s frail elderly participants receive such services as assistance with personal hygiene, shopping and meals and with medical appointments and other personal needs.

In 1979, NYFSC planned, developed and launched the first program of this kind in Manhattan, the fourth in New York State. Thereafter, the Foundation implemented other Enriched Housing Programs, which are located within its subsidized buildings, Arthur B. Brown and William Brown Gardens, 1850 Second Avenue, Ridge Street Gardens, Clinton Gardens, Cumberland Gardens, Alma Rangel Gardens and River View Gardens.

To apply for or inquire about the Enriched Housing Program, please call 212-369-5523.