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International Relations

The growing population of seniors has served as a catalyst for developing effective lifestyle programs that meet the needs of the elderly. As a pioneer in serving this population, NYFSC’s senior citizen housing and social service programs serve as models for similar programs worldwide. Representatives of like-minded programs throughout the United States and abroad – including Australia, Canada, China, England, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and South Korea – have established relationships to share knowledge and “best practices” on programs for seniors.

International Pen Pal Program

International Pen Pal ProgramIn March 2021, NYFSC launched an innovative International Pen Pal Program. Warm and friendly letters, which include news and events in the daily lives of NYFSC older adults, are sent via email to those served by social service agencies, including Sheppey Matters on the Isle of Sheppey off the southeast coast of England, ECH in Adelaide, Australia and lvory Cares Medical Concierge in Nigeria. The correspondence helps older adults feel less alone and isolated.

In an effort to expand this newly launched International Pen Pal Program, NYFSC is reaching out to and inviting additional organizations in other countries to join.  Please email nyfscinc@aol.com or call 212-769-7653.