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Board of Directors

A dedication to achievement, commitment to the elderly and indefatigable energy are all prerequisites for accomplishing our goals. Each member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors exemplifies these attributes. This prominent group of civic-minded and dedicated men and women are deeply involved in the Foundation’s many activities.

NYFSC Board of Directors
Celebrating the opening of the Resident’s Library at Alma Rangel Gardens with Alma Rangel,
Vice Chairman of the NYFSC board; her husband, Congressman Charles Rangel; Linda Hoffman, NYFSC President; and members of the NYFSC board and the Links Metro-Manhattan NY Chapter.

William N. Hubbard III

Vice Chairmen
William S. Eakins
Alma Rangel
Elizabeth F. Tozer

Howard G. Lepow

Executive Secretary
Lesley Horton Campbell

Senior Advisor
William G. Parrett

Elaine B. Arace
Deborah Smith Bernstein
Calvina Bostick
Pearl Chang
Jason F. Cohen
Brian T. Decker
Joan Finkelstein
Cynthia Gelalich
Joan Hamburg
William N. Hubbard IV
Eileen Weiler Judell
Meredith J. Kane
Janice Markin
Tim Metz
Bettina P. Murray
James R. Price
Dara P. Richardson-Heron
Salvatore M. Salibello
Evelyn F. Salzberg
Ann Van Ness
Rachel Wang
David J. Wine