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Training Video

The award-winning video/DVD…
In Your Hands

If you care for the ill or the elderly, watching “In Your Hands” may be the most valuable 13 minutes you will ever spend. A training video to help prevent elder abuse, the scenes it depicts are real, gathered examples from home health care organizations, nursing and long-term health facilities around the country. The psychological insights imparted here to deal with such situations are also real and effective.

When you see “In Your Hands” you will want to talk about it. Here are some suggested issues for discussion:

  1. Definition of quality care
  2. Loss of self-control by the elderly and staff
  3. Helping the elderly maintain their identity and independenceHelping the elderly to be physically and emotionally comfortable
  4. The impact of racial and religious differences on ability to provide quality care
  5. Methods for achieving optimum care

Narrated by the late Dr. Robert N. Butler, who was President and CEO of the International Longevity Center – USA. Produced by New York Foundation for Senior Citizens with the support of Con Edison, NYNEX and The New York State Office for the Aging.

Silver Award
WorldFest Houston 1996
“In Your Hands
Film & Video Awards
Medical / Treatments / Procedures

Bronze Award
Mature Media 1996 National Awards
Honoring the Best In Advertising, Marketing & Educational Materials for Older Adults
Presented to: New York Foundation for Senior Citizens
For: In Your Hands
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